1. What you get
Our drums are recorded in a state of the art recording studio using 10 microphones.

You will receive 10 mono drums tracks as follows:

NB: drums are panned from the audience perspective (ie Overhead left is the mic above the floor toms Overhead right is the mic above the hats)

We also record a high quality studio reverb, which is included as a free stereo track. This gives you more acoustic options and can be blended in with your drums to taste.

2. Ordering your tracks is a very simple process
Go to the “Send Tracks” page and fill out the order form

In the instructions section give us as much information as you can with regard to track interpretation and style. For example whether you would like the drums to be exactly the same as any pre-programmed drums if you are providing them as a reference, or whether you would prefer to hear the drummer’s interpretation. Also if you have a preference for sticks, brushes or hotrods, be sure to note these along with any dynamic preference you may have (such as hard medium or soft playing).

3. Approval
We will send you an mp3 review mix of your drums for your approval.

Included in our price is a free alteration to the drum track. Further alterations after this are chargeable see our rate card. Please note that for further alterations payment will first be required, in full.

4. Payment
Once we have received your track approval via email we will send you an invoice for the work, which will include a payment link taking you to a secure payment area.

Once payment has been received we will either, send you a link to a secure download area on our website from where you will be able to download the tracks, or despatch the CD-R / DVD-R in the post